The Porcelain Nail

About the Book

Kristofer has recently moved into his own apartment, suddenly alone after growing up in a matriarchal community and being gently pushed out of the nest by his treasured sister. Diana is a pickpocket who longs for familial support. One autumn afternoon, their paths run parallel: Kristofer, crippled when it comes to directions, is wandering the city after his phone is stolen; Diana witnesses the incident, retrieves the device, and decides to track the guileless young man down to grow closer. As the hours go by and their respective searches wind on, the protagonists’ similar backgrounds are revealed. Whereas Kristofer’s wishes and apprehensions were shaped by his domineering grandmother, Diana has spent years trying to live up to her partner’s expectations while losing herself in the process.

The Porcelain Nail delicately probes emotional dependence and learned attitudes that lead to the breakdown of relationships. Without casting blame, the characters navigate memories charged with uncertainty and guilt while gradually drawing closer to inner clarity and peace.